Court (solongastoria72) wrote in garagebandphase,

Name: Courtney!
Age: 15
Sex: female
Location: Pittsburgh, PA


Bands: something corporate, taking back sunday, senses fail, brand new, the used, linkin park, mae, weezer, the early november, the ataris, finch, dashboard confessional, jimmy eat world, story of the year, unwritten law.
Movies: the ring & the buttterfly effect.
Color: pink
Shoes: my new green converse.
Time: time as in like on the clock? 11:11.
Quote: "the hardest part isn't  finding what we need to be, it's being content with who you are."


Love/Relationships/The Opposite Sex: love: i think love is something that's thrown around too easily. but if you're given a chance to love, don't throw it away. with relationships, i don't think that you should be 10 and saying "i love you" that's gay. i wish i was in a good relationship right now though. *sigh* the opposite sex (boys): i love boys. they're hot. (well some) and they can be MAJOR assholes.

The Government: if it wasn't for the goverment, we wouldn't be where we are today. but the leader of our government (bush) is a whole different story. im not going to get started on that.

Good Charlotte: i like their older album. i love seasons & change. those are my favorites. but i don't like the newer album. at all. my friend and i dressed up as benji and joel for halloween last year.

Birth Control Pills and Patches: hey, whatever floats your boat.

War: killing people isn't going to solve any problems.

Abortion: it depends on the situation. i think it's the mother's choice, but i mean if they're just getting one because they fucked around and got pregnant then that's bullshit. you should'nt kill someone because of your mistakes.

Drug/Alcohol: i'm not for drugs.  they aren't my thing. i think drinking alcohol is fine, if you handle yourself okay and if you don't get out of control.

Guns: eh, i definitley think they're misused for the wrong things.


Say something that will make me like you and score you positive points. i'm cool, i'm one of the the first to join your community & you're in my community, myshoesrbetter. and, ill promote a lot.

Why are you joining this community? because i saw a promotion for it and thought it seemed cool. the end.

Post pics of you, or anything else.

i'm on the left

^^ my shoe. they're kind of boring but i love them.

something corporate = love.

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