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This is the very first song I wrote.
So technically, if we break up, all songs that were written, I keep for my personal use.

Let Me Go

V1: The world is passing by
and you can't find the time
to fix all your problems
So I kick out my worries
and drown in my thoughts

Bridge: Your problems break me down
and I feel like I'm wasting time
with just the merest thought of you

V2: You screamed at my face
and I sat there and took it
But deep down
I'm screaming inside
wanting to let myself out

Chorus: *screamed* So why don't you let me go
You said you love me
but you tear me apart
I want to leave you
but you push yourself on me
Now I'm going crazy
with your confusing ways
So why don't you let me go

I need help with this song to finish. Any thoughts?

Second song I wrote:

Save My Life

V1: The life that we live
is too complicated
It spins you in circles
and spits you out
This dizzying apprehension I need help with that line
loses me day to day
It feels like I'm losing a battle
Even when other are starting to win and this one

Chorus: So come from your perch
and save my life
Pull me up from this endless pit
Let your guard down for me just once
and take these blows for me
Save my life
So I might live another day

V2: Sorrow comes in doses
But tragedy in waves
Blow by blow
I struggle and fall
I try to get out
but it pulls me back down
I'm sick of defeat
(scream) Come get me now


V3: Can't you see
that I'm losing a never ending battle
with the one person
That I thought I knew
But I can never comprehend
what's to become of me
So here I (lie or lay?)
Wanting to let go

*Break off instrumental

V4: *all screaming verse: You're standing over me now
Grabbing my hand
Holding me close
As I cry out in pain
Scream out in anger
to this losing life
Don't give up on me now

*Chorus twice

input would be helpful for this song

So yeah.

And here's my poem from Tuesday's English class which I wrote a long time ago.

Dreadlock Rasta

He was a mysterious smile
that you wanted to know
but all he did
was blow the smoke in your face.
His rich brown body sways
to the rhythm of sweet reggae
and his brain revs fast as punk rock.
When he's on stage
his long flowing dreads
whip back and forth
as his eyes bore bullets through you.
His voice gets stronger and louder
as he sings songs of freedom
just to escape the hypocrisy
and the demoralizing views of the world.
He sings of redemption
from the chains
that bound us all down to
the bottom of the pit.
He sings of love
and a soldier
who walks the
streets of America
Wondering where exactly is the freedom.
He fights for our rights...
and ours...
to speak against his hates.
He wraps it up
and throws it like a bomb
to explode in your face
making you fall to your knees
to pound on the surface of this Godforsaken land.
Where is he now?
He finally fell six feet under
and is living in a world
that practices its freedom
and where he can drop his
words of atomic force
on you just once more.

That's it.
Hope you enjoyed it.
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