M-Duh (iamagirlbassist) wrote in garagebandphase,


Name: Maida
Age: 17
Sex: female
Location: Colorado


Bands: Oh man, I really like Flyleaf right now, Thrice, Emery, Come Back Kid, etc. etc.
Movies: 28 Days Later
Color: black, red, and green
Shoes: any skate shoe will do.
Time: Um...at night I guess
Quote: I'm horrible with quotes because I tend to 1) forget or 2) misquote


Love/Relationships/The Opposite Sex: I suck at opinions because I usually end up in the middle or contradicting myself. But I guess love is just another game I suck at only because the guys couldn't keep up. Relationships are always great because you can just build up on it. The opposite sex is great too because I can hang out, make an ass of myself, and they wouldn't care.

The Government: Not my cup of tea because I'm not really into politics and such, but I guess they're doing okay.

Good Charlotte: hahaha, I think they need to stop. I'm just not into them period.

Birth Control Pills and Patches: Great for the girl (or guy) who is allergic to latex.

War: If it needs to be fought, then it needs to be fought, but in all honestly, I hate it. Too many people die and one country is already enough to be involved in.

Abortion: I'm torn with this subject. If a chick gets raped, then I say go for it, but if they do have sex and end up pregnant, than you either keep it or adoption.

Drug/Alcohol: Same as above, I'm 50 50. drugs fry your brain and it's dumb to get "pleasure" out of something that's superficial. Alcohol can be a great release for stress and anger...but I dunno.

Guns: The right to bear arms. Sure. If it's for protection go for it.


Say something that will make me like you and score you positive points.

Why are you joining this community?: Well, I'm currently in a band right now, and the garage band thing is close to what we are. Haha, and I would like to get advice and such.

Post pics of you, or anything else: Well, the pix are in my profile...so here:

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