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i did read the rules but i dont know how to do LJ cut

Name: Maddie
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Location: Philly, PA


Bands: Coheed and Cambria, Thursday, Bush, Ryan Adams, Brand New, Death Cab for Cutie, Mae, Postal service, Radiohead, Mars Volta, Sparta, Blood Brothers, Thrice, the get up kids, taking back sunday, Journey, styx, pat benatar, led zep, tom petty and the heartbreakers, seal, free moral agents, josh brouse, the cooper temple clause, muse, interpol, the cure and allllot more just some off the top of my head

Movies: Almost Famous, The crow (all of them), the notebook
Color: white and anything else more colorful, bc i have to wear black to work all the time
Shoes: vans slip ons in black, my converse, and all my heeled pointy toed shoes
Time: being lazy falling asleep in a hamic on a beach
Quote: "same shit different day, just details"


Love/Relationships/The Opposite Sex:

love- very painful word had a first love still love him and now he loves another girl, need i say more

relationships - not keen on them, if it happens right so be it, but i dont force for em

the opposite sex - like em bc i have alot of guy friends and their fun, but they can be the biggest asshole jerks to roam the earth

The Government:

very into politics and what goes on in the gov't yes i am a republican

Good Charlotte - never got into them like other ppl did, their alright

Birth Control Pills and Patches - dont find the need for them, i dont have sex everyday so why take a pill for it

War - for it

Abortion - depends on the situation, but not for it

Drug/Alcohol - i drink on the occassion and i like too, drugs i'm not too into but i like to try

Guns - i like em
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